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my approach

Integrative Counselling

I am an integrative counsellor, which means I draw on different theories and models which are relevant to your personal exploration, including interventions from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), insights from psychodynamic counselling, and practical models from transactional analysis. Whilst I am qualified in providing these therapy models, I am always person-centred at my core, which means that above all else, I will be authentic, empathic and non-judgmental in our sessions.

I commit to providing you with a safe, confidential, supportive environment in which you can explore what has   brought you to counselling. The aim is for you to gain insights and different perspectives into your current situation and patterns, which in turn empowers you to make changes. I do not give advice, you get that from friends and family - and I believe in your innate ability to know what is best for you, and also in your autonomy.

Mental and physical ill-health are often related. If you would like to, we can discuss strategies for small and manageable lifestyle changes. I am also happy to consider ‘walk and talk’ sessions where it is practical, once we have had a few sessions together first.


Being able to talk freely, without fear of judgment, and without fear of what you say being repeated elsewhere, is one of the fundamental tenets of psychotherapy and counselling. I provide a safe, supportive environment in which you can talk about whatever you like, secure in the knowledge that you will be listened to, understood and respected. 

There a few limited exceptions to confidentiality which I will discuss with you when we contract together for your therapy sessions. These include where I believe either you or another are at risk of serious harm, where there are safeguarding issues, or where you disclose something involving serious illegal activity.

Online and Telephone Therapy

As well as offering face to face sessions, I am fully trained in delivering online and telephone counselling. We can discuss what would suit you  best in our initial contact.

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